I'm passionate about art, design and bringing both worlds together.
I'm currently working as the Senior Communication Designer in the marketing and communications office at The New School where I'm responsible for leading the concept development for various advertising and creative communication initiatives.
My artwork is inspired by New York City’s constant evolution, collective memory and ultimate essence. My paintings feature architectural structures and transcendental spaces in an urban landscape suffused with color and illumination. The compositions do not include people and lack any reference to gender, race, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. This allows the viewer to experience my paintings from his or her unique perspective while opening up the dialogue to a range of diverse possibilities.
My new series, Industrial Evolution, depicts old factories and industrial spaces that have been transformed into something else (start-ups, art spaces, etc). Each painting smashes planes, color, and light together to compress time into one flat surface. My artwork is designed to capture the moment and become a dual representation of our internal states and external experiences. Our perception and memory change as the space around us changes. My reconstruction of the city paints a visual soundtrack for the intangible experience of its dynamic space.
Read this interview with me (about my paintings) by Rebecca Robertson in "Newest York": Crushed Altogether

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