I led the design on Parsons Paris's Centennial brand identity. I've included some key pages from the comprehensive brand standards manual. 
The flexible, DIY system that I created includes a suite of logos and patterns. The library will eventually include 100 unique patterns. The patterns can be used as fills, graphics, and backgrounds in Parsons Paris Centennial materials.
In celebration of Parsons Paris’ Centennial, the patterns reference: 
• The original Parsons Paris building 
• The original New School building 
• The new Parsons Paris Romainville campus 
• The history, architecture, and landmarks of Paris 
Staff, faculty, and students are welcome to create patterns and add them to the library​​​​​​​
The New School's M&C social team worked with the team at Parsons Paris to create and produce the video story above (using the identity system that I designed). 

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