The New School's 2023 Awareness Advertising
This campaign includes seventeen short form videos advertising Parsons School of Design, Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts, Mannes School of Music, The School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, The New School for Social Research, and the Schools of Public Engagement. The videos feature the university's community (faculty, students, and alumni) and their groundbreaking research and work. This work addresses the most critical issues of our time that are on the top of our prospective audience's minds: mental health, the environment, representation, identity, economic futures, capitalism, democracy, self-expression, AI/ new technologies, and migration/humanitarian rights. The videos (created in the 16:9, 9:16, 4:5, and 1:1 sizes) are set to provoke the audience.... and then lead them to seventeen marketing landing pages where they can dive deeper into the long form written and video content. The campaign also includes a suite of digital banner ads and large scale posters (to be installed on the university's campus). 
The 5 color spectrum gradient represent the 5 colleges (at The New School) which all turn into the dominant University color, Parsons Red. The selected colors + the movement of the gradient symbolizes fearless progress. This light treatment compliments the medium of film and photography. 
The campaign shows off our new, exciting typeface, Neue Display Next, in its entirety! We used the various widths and weights within this type family to reinforce that we are on the cutting edge of design excellence—a university looking to challenge the status quo in all that we do. This type treatment also shows courage, differentiation, and diversity. To ensure legibility, the type animates from various weights in one slate ... to a single weight and back. The staggered placement also helps conceptually and with legibility. The animation is designed to increase engagement throughout.

Lead Team: Alison Gragnano, Michael Fensom, Rebecca Sherman, and Joanne DeCarlo
My Role: Lead Designer, Lead Art Director, Lead Motion Graphics Designer
Film Studio Partners: Revive The Cool, Hey Wave Media

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